A World Satellite Business Week event
Sept. 13-14, 2018 / The Westin - Paris

Jason Andrews

Founder & CEO

BlackSky Global

United States of America

Jason Andrews is the CEO of Spaceflight Industries, a next-generation space products and services company that is transforming the model for building, launching, and operating satellites. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries and service lines, Spaceflight streamlines the process and reduces the cost of accessing and operating in space.

Andrews co-founded Spaceflight’s progenitor, Andrews Space, in 1999 with the mission of being a catalyst in the commercialization, exploration and development of space. Today the company produces affordable, high-performance commercial satellite components and spacecraft. Andrews founded Spaceflight Services in 2010 to provide cost-effective, widely accessible commercial “rideshare” launch services. In 2014 he launched Spaceflight Networks for smaller-customer, cost-effective spacecraft communications and operations. All were rebranded under the Spaceflight Industries umbrella in 2015.

Andrews served at Kistler Aerospace Corporation from 1995-1998, holding a range of leadership positions. He earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Washington.