Erik Daehler

Director, Commercial Satellite Business Development

Lockheed Martin Space

United States of America

Erik Daehler is Director of Business Development, for the Lockheed Martin Space Corporation.  In this capacity, he develops products and architectures for commercial communication and remote sensing programs for Lockheed Martin’s commercial and international customers. In this role, Mr. Daehler uses his experience in government missions to identify commercial opportunities and mission synergies for the US government and commercial partners.

Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Daehler was the Director of Product Innovation for Boeing, where he led the development of all new satellite platforms, including the first of a kind 702SP all electric, dual stacked satellite and the 502 remote sensing satellites.

Mr. Daehler has a background in physics specializing in communication and remote sensing, Mr. Daehler led research and development for Boeing's unmanned satellite systems, worked as a Chief System Architect and Systems Engineering Manager on large-scale satellite and network systems for commercial and government customers.

Mr. Daehler was educated in Europe at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands where he received his Master’s degree in Space Systems Engineering.  He also received a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from The Colorado College in 1998.