Mauro Facchini

Head of Unit Copernicus, European Earth Observation Programme

European Commission

Italian Republic

Mauro Facchini is Italian and has an engineering background with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining the European Commission he has worked in Italy, UK and Switzerland, mostly in the academic and research environment.

He joined the European Commission in 2002 where he was initially involved in the management of research projects funded by the EU.
Mauro Facchini has been involved in Space aspects and participated to the definition of the European Space Policy from its early days in concluding the Framework agreement with ESA and in drafting and including article 189 (EU Space Competence) in the Lisbon Treaty.

He was actively involved in the development of Earth Observation capacities at the European Commission in the programme initially known as GMES. He was then appointed Head of the Space Research Unit and led the preparation of the space related part of Horizon 2020. He is since 2014 the head of Copernicus, the European Earth Observation programme.