A World Satellite Business Week event
Sept. 13-14, 2018 / The Westin - Paris

Romain Faroux



French Republic

Romain FAROUX has founded AIRINOV on his family farm in 2010, associated with 2 engineers. For 7 years, he's developed the first network of operators specialized in farming services by drone, having in 2016 and 2017 flown more than 250,000ha in France. AIRINOV now extends to new countries in Europe and Africa. The conviction of Romain FAROUX that still guides AIRINOV is that the technology drone + multispectral sensor must have a place of choice among the tools of precision agriculture. The system is simple and light, it can cover several hundred hectares per day, and the data is processed quickly (less than 24 hours). The ambition remains to reveal to all the users the disparity within their fields, to make them evolve towards a better optimization of their inputs.