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Sept. 14-15, 2017 / The Westin - Paris

Martyna Gatkowska

Deputy Head of remote Sensing Center

Institute of Geodesy & Cartography

Martyna Gatkowska – deputy Head of Remote Sensing Centre, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography.

Her everyday duties consist of project management as well as maintaining the cooperation with representatives of education and private sectors in order to demonstrate the Earth Observation data applicability for increasing the processes efficiency and providing additional source of reliable data.

Martyna Gatkowska was supervising the SERENE Project, which was aimed at development of the satellite data based methods for energy crops classification as well as development of the EO based models for energy biomass calculation. Now, Mrs Gatkowska continues the development of the SYeNERGY on-line platform which would serve the Energy Sector as the tool for efficient biomass source investigation and its certification.

She is the Project Manager of ESA Project: “ASAP-Advanced Sustainable Agriculture Production – Satellite Data Your Tool in Agricultural Management” (ARTES IAP), aimed at development and demonstration to the market of EO based Service for agriculture. Up to now, the platform for releasing of satellite data based products has been developed. The platform contains the accounts for individual Users in which the customized products are delivered for their fields registered in the platform.

Mrs Gatkowska completed the Space3ac Accelerator in 2016 and the application “Farm Scanner”, designed by Mrs Gatkowska, has won the 1st prize. Moreover the application was selected as the most promising by the jury consisting of 10 investors from Poland and abroad.