Scott Herman



United States of America

Scott is driving several software development initiatives at BlackSky. He’s primarily focused on the BlackSky Global Intelligence Platform - a suite of on-demand web services for Satellite Imagery Management, Multi-Sensor Fusion, and Geospatial Analytics that will become the public face of BlackSky's constellation of 60+ remote sensing satellites. He is also incubating a series of “next-generation” sensor processing and rapid cloud migration concepts. Scott is a passionate Agile Development, Cloud Computing, and High Performance Computing evangelist.

Scott is deeply involved in product management, software development, quality assurance, and production operations. But at any given moment Scott is also supporting strategic planning, concept incubation, business development, community outreach & evangelism, customer service, and investment activities. What a cool job!

Scott has spent most of his career developing and deploying Imagery Analysis, Sensor Fusion, Knowledge Management, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Scott works at BlackSky in Herndon, VA and can be reached at