Dennis Jones

Senior Affiliate Consultant


United States of America

Dennis Jones is President of the Jones Consulting Group, LLC. The consultancy provides advisory, business development and strategic planning services to remote sensing, geospatial, and aerospace companies as well as government organizations. The firm serves its clients by devising strategies that create and sustain value in the national security and commercial sectors globally.

Mr. Jones is a former senior executive at GeoEye, Space Imaging and The Aerospace Corporation. From 2007-2008, Mr. Jones was a Director at SPADAC, Inc., an early stage geospatial services and software developer. He has also served in analytical and advisory positions in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Mr. Jones is an expert in business development and government affairs and has led the successful creation and execution of commercial and government strategy, policy, planning and business development initiatives.

His diverse career spans both national security and business. He has led the introduction, adoption and successful use of new remote sensing and geospatial technologies in the global marketplace and has served as a trusted advisor to chief executives in government and business. He is based in Charleston, South Carolina.