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Registration & welcome coffee
Opening remarks
Lorraine Whitfield, Chief Events & Marketing Officer, Euroconsult
Introduction: State of play and prospects for the EO sector
Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
Leading operators’ future model and assets

Leading operators invest in new assets and service platforms to increasingly transform their models. CEOs will discuss strategic issues for the future of the industry:

> New customer patterns and foreseen expectations
> Key markets to be opened and existing difficulties/barriers to entry
> Potential industry significance of assets currently under development
> Budding partnerships across the ecosystem with the largest impact

Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
François Lombard, SVP, Head of Intelligence Business, Airbus
Noam Segal, CEO, ImageSat International (expected)
Morning coffee break
In discussion with CCMEO
Jina MacEachern, A/Director – Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO)
Data dynamics and access to information

Data collection should increase exponentially, the aim and challenge being to support a widening range of applications and end-users. Executives from organizations optimizing those links will share their views on dynamics for data and information access:

> What is the status and current level of fragmentation for data access?

> Is the current supply of data/information sufficient, or does it need added value components?

> What will the future hold for pay-as-you-go and subscription models?

Jamie Ritchie, Consultant,
Corentin Guillo, CEO, Bird-i
James Slifierz, CEO, SkyWatch Space Applications
Finspace - start-up pitch
Value added services of today…and tomorrow

Established VAS companies have developed a multitude of solutions to address the needs of core clients. The session will focus on the evolution of service models in order to maintain relevance and address larger customer requirements.
> How to best leverage the new constellation concepts?
> Are standardized services an opportunity, a threat or a mirage?
> How much time is needed for the adoption of a new service by existing or new clients?
> Is the future of VAS development to predict any situation for every vertical?
> Is a critical size required to manage expected changes?

Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General, EARSC
Gareth Morgan, CEO, Terrabotics
Herve Clauss, Director, Global Imagery and Sourcing, TomTom
Sebastian Carl, CEO, GAF AG
Official lunch
In discussion with CONAE
Steve Bochinger, COO, Euroconsult
Raul Kulichevsky, Director General, Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)
Insurance & finance: The contribution from new information solutions

The session will address the requirements from the insurance and financial sectors and how new information products shall contribute to decision making and process optimization.

Stéphane Chenard, Senior Associate Consultant, Euroconsult
Dominique Rora, Senior Insurance Underwriter, Axa
Christopher Sheldon, Senior Legal Adviser, Allianz (invited)
Finspace - start-up pitch
SAR constellations: Inception of a new information layer

SAR constellations represent a progression in what the NewSpace approach can deliver, involving an advanced small satellite and ground segment architecture as well as innovative services and partnerships along the value-chain. Lead executives will address various questions such as:
> What are the key steps to create awareness and build adoption by end-users?
> Which segments seem the most promising to reach an initial level of sustainability?
> What are the trade-offs and added value of low-cost smaller SAR satellites vs. traditional satellites?
> How do you see your positioning in the value chain and structure of offering?
> Does the future of information involve fusing together multiple information sources?

Alexis Conte, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Afternoon coffee break
New concepts
Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
John Serafini, CEO, HawkEye 360 (invited)
Stewart Bain, CEO & Co-Founder, Northstar (invited)
Stephane Germain, President, GHGSat
Dr. Nikolaos Spyropoulos, Executive Director, WorldView (expected)
Adaptive business models for Earth observation satellite manufacturers

Executives from the largest satellite manufacturers at the forefront of Earth observation technology will discuss key strategic questions for their future business:
> Changes in clients’ requirement, both governmental (exquisite satellites...) and commercial (constellations...)
> Cost vs. benefits of vertical integration from satellite systems to data analytics
> Cooperation/competition with new satellite manufacturers

Rachel Villain, Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Debra Facktor, VP & General Manager, Strategic Operations, Ball Aerospace
Philippe Pham, SVP, Earth Observation, Navigation & Science, Airbus (expected)
Donato Amoroso, Head of Earth Observation, Navigation and Science, Thales Alenia Space Italy (expected)
Networking drinks
Opening coffee
Optical constellations: The next business round

The launch of the first large optical constellation represented a turning point for the EO industry. Lead executives from constellations currently in service and under development will address various topics including:
> The revisit and resolution rush, success stories and lessons learnt
> Synergies between the different data and information products
> The next innovation cycle, including optical payload diversification/improvement
> Potential new markets for a 1-meter, 1-day, 1-Earth capability constellation

Matt O’Connell, Managing Partner, Seraphim Capital
Lily Xu, General Manaher, Beijing Space Will
Emiliano Kargieman, Founder & CEO, Satellogic
Robbie Schingler, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Planet (expected)
Benoit Deper, CEO, Aerospacelab
Finspace - start-up pitch
The great unknown: The ground segment

New EO constellation initiatives aim to capture fresh customers; most promise reducing service cost and/or providing added value. However, feasibility and sustainability are usually focused on the space segment with little consideration for:
> How important is the ground segment within an operational service?
> How will industry evolve in order to address the various satellite projects?
> What are the technical challenges and expected evolutions?
> What is the optimum business strategy to address these challenges?

Santiago Perez, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Stefan Gardefjord, President & CEO, SSC
Rolf Skatteboe, CEO, KSAT
Luis Mariano Gonzalez, Business Unit Director Earth Observation, GMV
Christopher Richins, CEO, RBC Signals
Morning coffee break
Regional EO Coordination

Coordination between regional stakeholders can contribute to an optimization of both capabilities and benefits from of earth observation solutions. Representatives from several world regions will address a set of topics such as:  

> Linking science, technology and policy

> Developing capacity, capability and knowledge

> Building public private partnerships in Earth observations 

Steve Ramage, Senior External Relations Manager, GEO – Group on Earth Observations
Xingfa Gu, Deputy Director-General, Asia-Oceania GEOSS
Jean Dusart, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation, Climate Action & EO, EuroGEOSS/European Commission
Mmboneni Muofhe, GEO Principal for South Africa, AfriGEOSS
Smart agriculture: Predictive analytics around the corner?

The agricultural sector was one of the first civilian segments to use Earth Observation, supporting public control policies, precisions farming and insurance. How can new EO capabilities bring the sector’s degree of  added-value to a new level? Topics shall include:


> IoT, cloud computing, AI or hyperspectral may bridge some gap of agronomical analytics

> From seasonal monitoring towards constant monitoring and predictive analytics

> Getting imagery faster: Service development and ground segment implications

> How are HAPs/ UAVs and free satellite data contributing to EO market development?

Guillaume Suc, Head of Crop Insurance, Groupama
Damien Lepoutre, Vice President, Agtech Intelligence, Land O'Lakes
Steven Krekels, Unit Manager Remote Sensing, VITO
Simon Parrington, Commercial Director, Soyl
Rob van Tetering, CEO, SES Vanderhave
Official lunch
Earth observation awards ceremony
New threats, new requirements: Harnessing new technologies in a changing world

In pursuing their mandate to track growing and evolving threats, security organizations must leverage new data analytical tools, procurement methods and technologies. The discussion will highlight topics such as:
> Procurement schemes to reduce costs while ensuring data requirements
> Extracting actionable intel from ever-growing quantities of data
> Innovations to enhance the value of information

General Michel Friedling, Commander, CIE, French Joint Space Command
Amb Sorin Ducaru, Director, European Union Satellite Centre
Gregg Black, Senior GEOINT Advocate Commercial Imagery Services, NGA (invited)
Afternoon coffee break hosted by
AI: The keystone of future analytics

AI-focused service companies have developed quickly and are focused on extending both their solutions and customer base. They have also influenced the organization of the EO ecosystem. Leaders will share their insights on development dynamics and next objectives for AI-based services:

> Data and service partnerships, integration, algorithm development and current limitations
> Service continuity challenge, and the need to reach a critical size
> Most responsive and challenging vertical segments
> Funding requirements to support the development of the industry
> Foreseen impact of new platforms:  video, SAR, hyperspectral, RF, and non-EO data

Mark Johnson, CEO, Descartes Labs
Philip Briscoe, COO, Rezatec
Derek Edinger, Chief Stategy Officer, Co-Founder, Ursa Space
Closing remarks
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