Dirk Vande Ryse



Republic of Poland

Dirk Vande Ryse is the Director of the Situational Awareness and Monitoring Division at Frontex, which contributes to the provision of reliable and comprehensive situational awareness. In this role he oversees the mobilisation and fusion of a wide range of sources of information, incl. geospatial data, and encourages the application of innovative approaches towards the collection of actionable intelligence, with a view of reducing the vulnerability of the external EU borders.

Having started his career at the Belgian Judicial Police, where he specialised in investigating serious crime, he has 30 years of experience in law enforcement intelligence and border security. Prior to joining Frontex, he worked at Europol, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, where he not only contributed to combating organised crime but also pioneered in state-of-the-art information and change management initiatives. During his first twelve years at Frontex, Dirk set up and managed the Frontex Situation Centre, with 24/7 monitoring and crisis management services and command and control of real-time surveillance. 

Mr. Vande Ryse holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s in criminology. Keen on constant learning, he has developed certified qualifications in business administration and change management at master’s level and was involved in a variety of management and international senior leadership courses. He has also written a number of published scientific articles related to his field of work.