A World Satellite Business Week event
Sept. 13-14, 2018 / The Westin - Paris

Adrian Zevenbergen

General Manager

European Space Imaging

Federal Republic of Germany

Mr. Zevenbergen has been European Space Imaging’s Managing Director since the company was founded in Munich in late 2002.  Prior to that, Mr. Zevenbergen was involved in the start up and growth of Space Imaging Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 1997.

Mr. Zevenbergen has 30 years of expertise in the global earth observation business, developing applications for the exploration of natural resources, rapid delivery of satellite information after natural or man-made disasters and for location based services markets.  Mr. Zevenbergen has had several senior sales and management roles with pioneering imaging satellite operators such as EOSAT and Space Imaging in key global earth observation markets.